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Customer Management … Sales Management … Insights

Customer Management
Sales Management

Works with your system

Works with your system

Customer Management

Full 360 customer profile, online orders, notes and tags in one place

Sales Management

Manage sales activities, automate, collect customer feedback & track team performance



Based on the shopping behaviour, to identify a firm’s best clients

Customer Management

Empower your sales team with a full 360 customer profile, notes and tags in one place

Sync Customers & Orders

Sync from WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce & more, or connect to your own ERP

Tiers & Lists

Assign customers to tiers and/or lists and gain both the visibility & control to get better sales

Quick Search

You are never far away from your contacts, across all notes, tasks, tags & fields

Score & Tags

Assign a score and multiple tags to a customer to help you focus on the right ones

Customer Fields

Add customer fields to collect unique information about your customers

Morning or Night or Don't

Mark a preferred time of call. Mark unqualified customers to minimize team effort’s

Last Contacted vs Last Ordered

Easily see & filter on boths dates

Notes, files & more

360 cutsomer profile with everything included

Sales Management

Manage daily sales activities, automate, collect customer feedback & track team performance

My Day

Focus on daily sales activities, call customers, visit them & add notes

Get Notified

When you’re assigned a task or your task was assigned to someone else


Generate tasks automatically for follow-up routines


See all of your calls at a glance. Sync with Google, iCal and more

Sales Plan & Script

Group your tasks into sales plans for easier tracking. Assign a sales script, to give your customers a consistent experience

Activity Reports per user/plan

Per sales plan, to track your team performance and your coverage rate, per sales person and per task status

Task Lifecycle

Track if an order was placed, or the customer wants you to call back, and more 

Collect Feedback

Each task has a customer feedback field, to help you listen to your customers


Based on the shopping behaviour, to identify a firm’s best clients

Automated Classification

Based on the shopping behaviour, to identify a firm’s best clients. Classification is based on Recency, frequency & monetary value

Segmentation Engine

Build consumer segments with 40+ data points to target shoppers based on demographics, product preferences, and buying behaviour

Insights per Customer

See forecasted next order date, based on order cycle in days. See also AOV, total sales, products count per order and more

Marketing Analytics

See Analytics per sales channel, campaign, discount, or any custom segment. Then, export to any marketing app

Mobility & Integration


Works on your phones and tablets
(iOS app & Android app)

Connect 80+ of your Favorite Apps
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The CRM You Can Trust

It completely integrates with our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce and makes for ease of tracking our customers and sales data. Best CRM for eCommerce that we have found.

Verified Reviewer


I like the fact that everything is in one place and is easy to see everything and is easy to use. This makes it fast and easy to be able to go in whenever you want and look at things such as sales history, email marketing, etc.

Sonja B.


Links directly with email, tracks progress of both sales, and employees. Keeping daily tasks and goals on the CRM is extremely helpful in completing the tasks without anything falling in between the cracks or gets pushed to the side.

Bryan D.


Revamp is cost effective and an excellent resource which allows me a call back feature and a way to group and manage my contacts. It has all of the fields I need to manage my business.



I just posting this review to give feedback on the customer service I experienced. The revamp team were great and very helpful. With their help I was able to get the functions working I needed and I can concentrate on applying this to my business.



Great value for price point. A lot of amazing functionality and features that would only be available in a more expensive CRM. It works well for our company on the B2B-side, although it seems to be well built for our B2C customers & transactions as well. The segments and automations are great!!

Genevieve C.

Operations Director