Analyze, Track and Act

One click, and all your store data are synced in real-time

Customers Report

Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Know your customers like never before with our at a glance view of different customer segments.

Behavioral Analytics

Know How many customers

Placed how many Orders

Generated how much revenue

And each segment AOV

Analyzing Customer Value (RFM)

By having your customers segmented with Recency, Frequency, and Monetary, you’ll be able to analyze each group individually and determine which set of customers has the highest CLV.

Track Customers Activities

Customers In the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours

New Customers

Customers with Order

Customers with Abandoned Carts

In the last 6 months

Inactive Customers

Repeated Customers

Loyal Customers

Sales Report

Performance & Revenue Reporting

Know how your online store sales are performing across configurable timeframe. Have a clear overview of your fulfillment, payment status, and processing methods.

Recover Lost Revenue

Keep track of your abandoned cart and canceled orders  broken down by product, by customer and by reason, and take actions to drive growth.

Drive Retention

Know your top products, categories and discounts so you can define your store best practices, repeat and win more sales.

Products Report

Advanced Reporting

Know that sales performance of your products, which products are popular and which are obscure to learn what to invest in and what to market for.


See which products are:

Most bought

Most abandoned


Most canceled

Not bought

Sales Channels

Analyze and evaluate acquisition channels

Know where your customers come from so you can better allocate your efforts on the right sales channel and work best on your acquisition funnel. 

Compare Revenue & losses

Learn how your sales channels compare against each other not only by incoming revenue but also by lost revenue, carts and refunds.

Campaigns Report

Evaluate your marketing success

Track and evaluate your different ways to market your store. Whether it’s Facebook ads, Google Adwords, email marketing,or guest blogging.

Increase Your Revenue

We give you a detailed view of your campaign, sources and medium broken by revenue, refunds, repeats and carts to help you know what’s working, what isn’t, and how to make the most of your time and marketing budget.