Real-time Automatic Segmentation

We give you insights about each segment, their AOV (Average order value), revenue, orders’ count and we automatically sort them into real-time updated segments so you’ll always be looking at the right set of customers

Collect Data & Create Segments

Ready-made segments

We collect your customers’ data and automatically create different segments based on their:

Activities in the last 24 hours

  • New Customers
  • Customers with Recent Order
  • Customers with Abandoned Carts

RFM (Recency - Frequency - Monetary):

  • Repeated Customers
  • Loyal Customers
  • Inactive Customers

We also give you insights about your:

  • All Customers
  • Never Purchased

Custom Segments

 40+ filters and conditions to help you explore and sort your customer’s database. designed to keep your segments up-to-date.

You can segment your customers by:

Order Value

Category Purchased

Order Recency

Products Purchased

Order Frequency

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Average Order Value

Referred source

Send the Right Message to the Right Customers

Email Marketing

Increase engagement & enhance the loyalty of your customers by attaching each of your segments to different newsletters.

Marketing Automation

By adding your segments to one of our ready-made or custom marketing automation, a series of emails will be sent directly to your customers with  a personalized communication approach.

Measure your Marketing Success 

Track the effectiveness of each email and automation using our metrics, find out who opened, clicked or unsubscribed to your emails.


Send your Data Anywhere

Export to CSV

Easily export your segments data for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing.

Sync & Integrations

Use our powerful integration with email marketing tools to sync your segments to your mailing lists.