Todoist Integration with Revamp CRM  

With Todoist’s Revamp CRM integration, you can automatically create and/or update new tasks through Revamp CRM

to Todoist as they are created & Keep your team informed, collaborate better and run workflows.

Todoist Integration Details

It comes loaded with great features that help boost productivity as well as organize tasks and set schedules and deadlines. Todoist & Revamp CRM integration together is so effective as it will automatically update your information whenever a ticket is created. That way, it can be used as reminders for your sales team, but you may also need to track these tasks in Todoist.


How Todoist Integration works, when a task is completed

You can configure Zapier to:

  1. Create a Contact in Revamp CRM with a tag ‘Todoist’
    1. You can optionally create a dynamic segment for all contacts with ‘Todoist’ tag
    2. Furthermore, automation can run on this segment to create a follow-up task or run a drip email campaign for Todoist contacts.
  2. Create a Deal, based on your business model. As a result, when a task is completed, each completed task could be treated as a deal for further interaction.


How Todoist Integration works when an incompleted task is created

You can configure Zapier to:

  1. Create a Task and assign to the team member of your choice. Therefore, so you can do your further follow up.
  2. Create a Note under the corresponding contact for further record keeping.

What You Need

  • Todoist premium account
  • Revamp CRM account

About Todoist

  • Todoist is a freemium to-do app that works on multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, Android, Apple iOS, Mac and all leading web browsers. It also boasts of a user-friendly interface with integrated productivity charts (for premium accounts). People will also love its set of classification tools. Collaboration is also a strong point as users can easily communicate and work on tasks, increasing productivity and improving output in the process. Users can also work on their assignments even when they are not online thanks to Todoist’s offline functionality.

About Revamp CRM

  • Revamp CRM is a full featured CRM for businesses of all sizes. You can track Activities, Deals and Orders. In addition, you can Manage, Segment and Email your Customers. After that, you create workflows and do much more.

What is next for Todoist Integration

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