GoTo Integration with Revamp CRM

Send your customers and data to Revamp CRM with this GoToWebinar Integration.
Keep your team informed, collaborate better and run workflows.

GoTo Integration Details

Need an easy way to do automated lead nurturing post-webinar? This GoToWebinar-Revamp CRM integration will automatically add your GoToWebinar registrants to Revamp CRM so you can setup post-webinar lead nurturing email streams.

How GoTo Integration works when a new customer is created

You can configure Zapier to:

  1. Create a Contact in Revamp CRM with a tag ‘GoTo’
    1. You can optionally create a dynamic segment for all contacts with ‘GoTo’ tag
    2. Furthermore, automation can run on this segment to create a follow-up task.
  2. Create a Deal, based on your business model. As a result, each new customer could be treated as a deal.
  3. Create a Task and assign to the team member of your choice. Therefore, you can do your further follow-up. 

What You Need

  • GoTo account
  • Revamp CRM account

About GoTo

  • GoToWebinar is a platform for businesses and sole proprietors with which they can create and deliver online and video conferences with their customers, colleagues, stockholders, and so on. The applications of GoToWebinar are vast and wide. This platform is an excellent option for professionals and companies that want to further extend their reach to their target audience, provide training through online and audio conferencing, and conduct speaking engagements to participants without having to interact with them physically.

What is next for GoTo Integration

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About Revamp CRM

  • Revamp CRM is a full featured CRM for businesses of all sizes. You can track Activities, Deals and Orders. In addition, you can Manage, Segment and Email your Customers. After that, you create workflows and do much more.