Slack Integration with Revamp CRM  

With Slack’s Revamp CRM integration, you can automatically create and/or update Revamp CRM

records as masseges are added through Slack. Keep your team informed, collaborate better and run workflows

Slack Integration Details

Keep your team informed. Salespeople can keep managers and colleagues informed on the fly without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails. Use Zapier to automatically post a new message to a certain Slack channel whenever a new deal is added in Revamp CRM .

How Slack Integration works, when a new message is created

You can configure Zapier to:

  1. Create a Contact in Revamp CRM with a tag ‘Slack’
    1. You can optionally create a dynamic segment for all contacts with ‘Slack’ tag
    2. Furthermore, automation can run on this segment to create a follow-up task.
  2. Create a Deal, based on your business model. As a result, each new customer could be treated as a deal.
  3. Create a Task and assign to the team member of your choice. Therefore, you can do your further follow-up.

    Get Slack direct messages when Revamp CRM deals reach a new stage:

    Now you can send a direct message to anyone on your team via Slack each time a Revamp CRM deal enters a new stage, Making sure that the right team members are notified as you progress through each pipeline stage.


    How it works 

    • Revamp CRM deal starts a new stage
    • Zapier sends a direct message via Slack

    Post messages to a Slack channel when new deals are added to a stage on Revamp CRM:

    Now you can use Zapier to create a new Slack message automatically when you move a deal in Revamp CRM to a new stage. That makes it easier to share your Revamp CRM new deal with your team through Slack.


    How it works 

    • Add a Revamp CRM deal in a pipeline stage
    • Zapier sends that new deal as a Slack new message

    Post messages to a Slack channel when new deals are added to Revamp CRM:

    Now you can create a new Slack message automatically when you add a deal in Revamp CRM.


    How it works 

    • Add a Revamp CRM new deal
    • Zapier sends that new deal as a Slack new message

    Send Revamp CRM new deals as direct messages in Slack:

    You want to be notified each time there’s a new deal in Revamp CRM. Now you can use Zapier to send new deals in Revamp CRM to you automatically in a Slack private message.


    How it works 

    • Add a new deal to Revamp CRM
    • Zapier sends that new deal as a new direct message in Slack

    What You Need

    • Slack account
    • Revamp CRM account

    About Slack

    • Slack is an easy yet very effective task listing software for businesses and individuals who want to get things done in time every time. It is built with a very straightforward interface, options and menus are easy to spot and laid out equally well yet still exhibit some pizzaz Making lists, managing and organizing them into folders and labelling them is a breeze with Slack . Assign deadlines, insert more items, filter tasks, and display your schedule are just some of the things you can do with this simple yet powerful tool.

    What is next for Slack Integration

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    About Revamp CRM

    • Revamp CRM is a full featured CRM for businesses of all sizes. You can track Activities, Deals and Orders. In addition, you can Manage, Segment and Email your Customers. After that, you create workflows and do much more.