Live-chat integration, a smooth process for adding chats into your Revamp CRM

Don’t miss any of your live-chats conversation with Revamp

Revamp CRM enables you to have a full 360 view of your customer, including their chat history, which helps your team to close more sales. Live-chat provides a live chat platform for customer service. With this integration, you can see your Live-chat customer service chats directly in Revamp CRM.


What it does:

Don’t make your customers wait, This integration will allow you to have a copy and save it directly as a note under each  customer you had chat with including customer’s chat history as well as it will automatically create a person in Revamp CRM if it is not exist. It also brings all the information related to the customers.


About Live-chat:

Live-chat integration, the best way to merge your chats to Revamp CRM.