Harvest all your efforts in no time

Track and manage your payments, invoices & history of every contact on your list.

Invoice management

Contact Management

Sales Automation

Deal Management

Invoice management

Once you’re connected everything is integrated automatically in no time. All your contacts, tags, invoices and more will be inside your Revamp CRM account.

Revamp CRM helps you manage all your Invoices in an intuitive dashboard. Also, offers powerful filtering tools so you can monitor your payment status and better manage your customers.

Contact management

Smart Filters

Easily segment contacts with their invoices status, overdue, paid invoices and more along with other filters like demographics, tickets and more. 

Dynamic Segments

Once both accounts are connected all your segments will be updated automatically as we sync your data twice a day to import your Harvest contacts, invoices and update their payment status. That way you can set follow-up reminders and prioritize your communications to win more sales.

Auto Profile Enrichment

Your contact profile brings you a highly detailed look into everything you need to know about a customer. Notes, Emails, Tickets, Invoices, files and Tasks.

Sales Automation


Intelligent business workflow

Automation is the answer to regulate even relatively complex business development workflows. Add a group of contacts or leads to the automation you like and never miss a task or forget to follow up.


Customized processes

Our easy to built automation allows you to set off a customized sequence of actions from sending follow-up emails, to creating tasks. Whether it’s assigning a task, sending emails, add score and tags you can customize it the way that fits your business needs.

Deal Management & Sales Reports

Custom Deal Stages

Customize your deal stages to best suit your sales process and drive your business forward.

Sort & Filter

Sort and filter deals by their owner, region, source, product or expected closure date so you can make the best decisions to move your deals forward through the sales funnel.

Action-oriented Sales Pipeline

Send emails, add notes, add/edit tasks, have a quick view of contact profile and deal history, all without leaving your deal pipeline.

Notifications & Rotten Deals

Stay alerted to deals that need your attention the most. We will notify you when a deal is sitting in the pipeline for long with no progress or when a deal passes its closure date.