We convert customers Complaints into Compliments

View and manage support tickets within your CRM account

Key Features

  • We will import all your tickets from Freshdesk and easily attach them to relevant Revamp CRM contact profile. And don’t worry if your contacts don’t exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically create new contacts, in case it already exists in Revamp CRM, it will be updated automatically without any hassles.
  • We will remind you to send an email or make a contact when a ticket is overdue.
  • You can use our contact management tools and filters to easily segment contacts with overdue tickets, completed tickets or any other tickets status.

Revamp & Freshdesk in ONE

The Integration

The new Revamp integration  will help you to easily monitor and manage your support tickets within your CRM account, for every ticket will be associated to a relevant contact profile so you will have the ability to form a clear overview of each contact profile.


The integration will make your customer experience more professional by managing their complains and have a look on the history of purchases to provide the maximum service.

The Process

Your tickets status will be updated alongside to the changes in your Freshdesk account. Once a ticket is created it automatically adds to customer profile. Also reminding you to follow up with the customer for further information by sending an email or making a contact when the ticket is overdue.


We provide a contact management tool and smart filters to easily segment contacts with overdue tickets, completed tickets or any other tickets status, organizing your data will help for a complete insightful data for customer inquiries and problems which will assure them that they are valuable and increase your ROI. You can check your tickets history of a contact in one place.


Create, manage and store tickets for delivering the best customer experience.This integration will definitely help you move forward to create a smooth procedure for your customers all at an ease of button click.