Marketing Tool for Small Business

Effective business emailing through awesome Newsletters and Marketing Automation processes

Email Marketing CRM

Send Personalized Newsletters

Personalization is the key to increasing your email marketing ROI. Our dynamic tags help you personalize the offering for each customer and increase your conversion rate easily.

Save Time With Email Templates

Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what to say to promote your new service. We give you a collection of pre-built Templates that help you increase your efficiency and even better you can create your own templates and add them to your collection.

Customize & Match Your Brand Identity

Add your company’s logo, name, colors, slogan and have more professional emails sent on your behalf.

Track Campaign Performance

Track the success of your newsletter using our visual insights. We provide a detailed report to help you know who opened, clicked and ready to take an action and buy from you.

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

Keep your customers engaged by setting a series of emails to be sent to a certain segment or list of your contacts. Monitor your automation success through time using our visual insights.

Ready Made Automations

Our automation templates are created with top sales reps recommendations. Use them to have a better follow-ups and marketing campaigns that lead to close more deals. They include best practice for:

  • Welcome Series
  • Event Awareness
  • After Sale follow-up
  • Birthday & Anniversary


Send a series of emails based on customers’ actions, for example, send a welcome series to your leads once they sign-up or fill a webform on your website to keep them engaged. Not only that but also you get to choose when to proceed and send the next email based on customer respond to your campaign.

Scoring & Tagging

Automatically tag and score your contacts based on their response to your marketing efforts. Add more score to contacts who clicked your emails, add them to Hot Leads list and add a unique tag to distinguish them.