Email Campaign & Newsletter for Online Stores

Send better personalized emails to Increase your ROI and conversion rates by positioning your customers at the center of your marketing strategy

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Send Personalized Emails

Our marketing tool is designed to help you in conveying personalized emails in just a few clicks. You will be able to include personalized information about each customer name, order details, abandoned cart items and much more through one click to ensure the best promising shopping experience and keep your customers hooked.

Personalization & Dynamic Tags for Better Shopping Experience

Product Recommendations

Easily include product image, price and details into any email to boost average order values, win back customers and have a significant increase in the number of items purchased per order.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Don’t let shoppers forget about the items they added to their shopping cart. Use our dynamic tags to include abandoned products’ images, prices and details.

Win Back Inactive Customers

Sending wakeup calls to customers who have stopped at your store for a long time. try Cross-sell and up-sell based on their last order details and remind them about what they liked best.

Email Templates Gallery

Get started by choosing from our newsletter email templates, add your store logo, adjust colors to match your brand identity and you’ll be set to go.

Welcome Emails

Holidays Season

Product Announcement

Canceled Order

Black Friday

Rewards & Gifts

Email Performance Tracking

Your Newsletter Report benefits you in quickly finding essential marketing metrics like open, clicks and unsubscribed rates, to keep you aware and improve your emails to turn every marketing campaign into a better ROI by refining and optimizing your emails to grow your store.