A CRM built for Commerce (retailers & wholesalers)

ReOrder Hero

Connect your Ordering platforms in minutes and get ReOrder insights on your customers

Track Customers

Track enriched deduplicated 360 customers profiles, their activities with sales reps and orders with automated sync from your eCommerce, POS, and Inventory/ERP platforms.

Segment & Sync to Marketing Apps

Group customers into segments, tag them, send tags back to Shopify or directly to Marketing apps like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign

Timely ReOrder Followup

Dedicated ReOrder dashboard, show sales per customer tag, order tag, last contacted date, last order date, score and RFM segmentation

No credit card required

one-on-one, no sales, your needs only

Integrate all of your Ordering Platforms Directly into Your CRM

Track Customers

Customers Profiles


Organize unlimited customers with Tags, Score and Contact Stages.

Real-time Sync

From Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or own platform, for customers, orders and products.

360 Customer Profile

Add a note, file, task or emails to your customers.

Integrate with 80+ applications

20+ direct integrations and 80+ integrations through Zapier. Check here.

Duplicate Detection

Merge duplicates, Keep your data clean and updated

Bulk Actions

Export CSV, Bulk assign contacts to team.

Automate everyday tasks

Segment or list

Keep the automation running on the segment or list of you choice.

12 Action types

Add a note or a task. Add or remove a tag. Change the customer score, stage, list or assigned sales rep. Email a sales rep. The possibilities are endless.

Multi-steps with wait times

Have as many steps as you need. Separate them with wait period of hours or days.

One time or everytime

Control if you want to run the automation one time per customer or everytime the customer fits your conditions.

Segment & Sync Customers to Marketing Apps

Revenue Generating Customer Segments


Quick Start

Enjoy our ready-made segments e.g. new, inactive or loyal customers. Export & import segment templates.

So Many Filters

60+ filters to help you segment based on location, demographics, shopping behavior or custom fields.

Run Sales Campaigns

On any segment, and see revenue generated by this segment. Check last contacted and last order dates, and revenue for each customer.

Timely ReOrder Followup

ReOrder Analytics

Tags Dashboard

Track revenue per sales person, customers segment or orders segment.

Products & Sales Channel

Track most abandoned Products, Best Sellers, Not Bought. Track your sales, refunds, and carts across all sales channel.

Ad Campaigns & Branches (Shopify only)

Track all Ad campaigns to spot the best performing ones. Connect Shopify POS and track your sales by location and staff.

Follow-up Tasks

Tasks Dashboard

Focus on daily activities, postpone meetings, call customers, send emails, add notes.

Get Notified

When you’re assigned a task or your task was assigned to someone else. Also, receive a today’s Tasks Email.

Connect Calendar

Sync with Google, iCal and more.

Workflow Automation

Generate tasks automatically for daily workflow routines and follow-up routines.

Automatic Reminders

Set reminders on Hot Segments, automatic Tasks will be created.

Works with your Email & Telephony

Send, forward & receive

   All email conversations recorded inside relevant    contact profile

Gmail Extension

   Get to know your contacts’ deals history, tasks and    last follow-up. Capture email from Gmail to CRM

Email to a task / Deal

   Forward email to CRM and it will be converted to a task or attached to the relevant deal


   Works with several browser-based solutions like CrazyCall

The CRM You Can Trust

It completely integrates with our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce and makes for ease of tracking our customers and sales data. Best CRM for eCommerce that we have found.

Verified Reviewer


I like the fact that everything is in one place and is easy to see everything and is easy to use. This makes it fast and easy to be able to go in whenever you want and look at things such as sales history, email marketing, etc.

Sonja B.


Links directly with email, tracks progress of both sales, and employees. Keeping daily tasks and goals on the CRM is extremely helpful in completing the tasks without anything falling in between the cracks or gets pushed to the side.

Bryan D.


Revamp is cost effective and an excellent resource which allows me a call back feature and a way to group and manage my contacts. It has all of the fields I need to manage my business.



I just posting this review to give feedback on the customer service I experienced. The revamp team were great and very helpful. With their help I was able to get the functions working I needed and I can concentrate on applying this to my business.



Great value for price point. A lot of amazing functionality and features that would only be available in a more expensive CRM. It works well for our company on the B2B-side, although it seems to be well built for our B2C customers & transactions as well. The segments and automations are great!!

Genevieve C.

Operations Director

Mobile & Productivity

Works on your phones and tablets
(iOS app & Android app).
A dedicated extension for Gmail here,
plus a handy lead clipper for Chrome here.

Connect 80+ of your Favorite Apps
to Revamp CRM.
You can check all available
integrations here.

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Help at every turn. Email us at hello@revampcrm.com, chat, or schedule a demo here. For self-help, you can check our tutorial video here, and a complete knowledge-base here.