Deep integration with BigCommerce

Connect your BigCommerce store and enjoy a real-time sync for better

Analytics, Segmentation and Marketing

Real-time Store Analytics

Behavior-Based Segmentation

Personalized Email Marketing

Real-time Analytics

The BigCommerce amplified integration brings real-time information about your online store customers, products and sales inside Revamp CRM.

  • Customers Report: Track customers’ activities and RFM metrics.
  • Sales Report: Know how your store is performing to help recover lost revenue and increase retention.
  • Products Report: See which products are most bought, most abandoned and most canceled
  • Sales Channel Report: See how your acquisition funnels are performing against one another.
  • Campaigns Reports: Evaluate and analyze your marketing efforts to better allocate your resources.


Once you connect your store, all customers will automatically and dynamically get segmented based on their purchase history and order details:

  • New Customers
  • Customers with Abandoned Carts
  • Repeated customers
  • Top Spenders by Value or by Order count
  • Customers with canceled orders
  • Inactive Customers.



Email Marketing & Automation

Identifying different segments will allow you to tailor your email marketing campaigns and set-up marketing automations to be triggered by customer actions. This will help you reach your cart abandoners, win-back inactive customers, collect product reviews and increase friend referrals to help you with customer retention and sales.

  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Ready-made and customizable email templates
  • Ready-made eCommerce best practice automations