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Collect & Organize

Import Your Data

Import your contacts and leads from anywhere.  And improve your efficiency once you

Keep it organized and clean

Tag, add custom fields and better categorize your key relationships. We search:

  • Dates when Contacts were contacted, updated or added
  • Deals, Invoices and Tickets status
  • Emails, Notes and the text inside them


Use Tags across your Contacts and Deals to easily filter and group your data.

Custom Fields

Tailor data to match your business needs, track extra contact details and map additional fields from Web Forms or CSV files.

Smart Filters

Easily access the right data and focus your efforts on a specific segment of clients.


Fully Customizable

& Action-Oriented

Custom Views

Use filters and sort contacts the way you want to see them so you can have more efficient workflow. You can focus on all contacts and leads that are assigned to you with one click.

Bulk Actions

Quickly assign leads, add or remove from Lists, score and change contact stage in bulk

Better collaboration

Assign tasks to team members, send emails, save important files and schedule appointments and we will send you email alerts to remind you.

Dynamic Contact Profile

360 contact view

Your contact profile brings you a highly detailed look into everything you need to know about a customer or a prospect. Notes, Emails, Tickets, Invoices, Files and Tasks. Even better, you will find your sales results and related deals attached to each profile.


Auto profile enrichment

  • Automatically save copies of your emails inside related contact profile
  • Deals in progress, lost or won
  • Tasks and activities
  • Tickets & invoices automatically added & updated