Keep the relationship going


New booking in Calendly

New Contact created in Revamp CRM (Automatic)
360 contact profile with all history of customer interactions, emails, deals and notes.
Automate Email Follow-up
Set series of emails to be sent to your customer. From preparing them for your meeting to following-up afterward.
Contact Management
Add score, change lead stage, organize with tags. Segment & add to lists based on customer actions.
Integrate your Favorite Apps
Get all information in Revamp CRM, connect with Paypal, Stripe, Zoom and more.

Canceled booking in Calendly

Create Follow-up Task (Automatic)
Automatically create a follow-up task and get reminded before due date.
Assign to team member
All contact details, email and communication history stored and visible in a 360 contact profile.
Nurture Leads and win back customers
Use our Automation to send emails, update contact score, tags and stage based on customer interaction
Find your most engaged contacts
Segment your customers based on their engagement level to focus your efforts on the right group of contacts.

Add Calendly invitees to your CRM

Want to keep in touch with people after you have meetings with them? Keeping up with them in your CRM is a great way to continue the relationship. This Zapier integration takes care of that for you, creating new Revamp CRM contacts from new Calendly invitees, to help you keep the relationship going.

When (Triggers)

New booking in Calendly

Canceled Booking in Calendly

Then (Actions)

Create a Contact in Revamp CRM

Create a Task in Revamp CRM

Create a Deal in Revamp CRM

Create a Note in Revamp CRM

Create an Organization in Revamp CRM

Find a Deal in Revamp CRM

Find a Person in Revamp CRM

Find an Organization in Revamp CRM

What you need

Calendly Premium Account

Revamp CRM Account