Revamp CRM for Real-estate

Manage the flow and documentation of clients

and properties from one place

Detailed performance Analytics

Stay on top of the game with In-depth analytics for everyday sales success and manage your milestones in one place.

Visual Sales Pipeline

Rich detailed visual pipeline with indicators to show you where to focus and what actions are needed to close more deals and increase your revenue

Team Collaboration

Share your tasks with your team using our activity-based CRM and custom task creator all-in-one. Maximize productivity by focusing on the right activities.

On average Brokers see a 20%

higher close rate with Revamp CRM

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What Real estate needs?

As working in real estate is mainly based on

good relationships and powerful lead generation

, What would be important for them is to:

Work Flow Managment

Import data based on an automated or scheduled basis

Track the transactions from available properties/houses to lead to close

Acquire new buyers, at the same time keep focused on existing ones

Send emails and set reminders to deliver exceptional buyer service every step of the way

Collect all the info related to the property and keep updated with any potential buyer who might be interested in it

Schedule meetings with buyers

Sales Managment


Pipeline management, which helps managers track which salespeople are working on the most leads and how many deals are closing (Sales) (Deals)

Have a clear funnel to know where he stands, and what is the next step to take with the buyer

Role-based access and security to let managers see leads before sales staffers do and route them appropriately

Insightful sales reports to identify the strengths and weaknesses and improve sales performance.

Revamp CRM full-fledged system that fits your needs

Organization feature allows people to belong to an organization in the system.

All you need is to:
1-Specify contact type: Adding one tag per type: “property” / “customer” / “Organization” .

2-Use a tag per property, naming it “prop-{property-short-name}” while adding a contact for this property using the same name for ease of searching. (Tags)

3.Use the tags mentioned above to search for contacts interested in a property by using “prop-{property-short-name}” ( e.g. “prop-beach-house-23” ). (Tags)

And signify interest in such a property by tagging interested people/organizations using this tag.

4. If your contacts are different so they need to be divided into different segments to send them the right info they need such as new buyers, existing buyers,(Segmentation)

5. Manage your Deals through our informative “Sales pipeline”, by having more than one view. You can also have the ability to filter your deals, “for ex if you want to view all the closed deals or in progress deals”. So that you can have a clear view where the buyer stands, target them right, and know what’s the next step to take as well.  (Sales)

Set tasks and send automated emails to schedule meetings with your customers/buyers with specific time and date so that you can spend less time on repetitive tasks (Tasks) (Email marketing)

6. Reports on our CRM app consist of analytical data about your sales progress and results. You can name the deal to best fit with your process.