All-in-one CRM for both your Sales Team and Online Store


For your Sales Team

Connect your

Email or Google Apps Account and:

Start capturing, scoring and managing your contacts

Group your contacts into different lists or dynamic segments

Set follow up reminders so you never fall out of touch

Select the perfect email template and start sending Newsletters

Set-up Marketing or Operational Automations

Create Deals and move them forward through your visual sales pipeline

Monitor your sales performance with our 5 Sales Reports

For your Sales Team & Online Store

Connect your

Shopify or BigCommerce Store and:

Monitor your store analytics and keep them updated in real-time

Customers are segmented based on their shopping behavior

Use our eCommerce Best Practice Marketing Automations

Select the perfect email template and start sending Newsletters

Connect your helpdesk software or use our own

Have a 360 view of each cutomers' orders, tickets, emails and more

Manage your wholesale orders

” Revamp CRM is all about making business workflow easier with its dynamic segmentation, sales and marketing automation engine. And that’s why customers will get a head start to achieve the business results they want. ”

Save your time and enjoy streamlined workflow

We integrate with 24+ apps and tools

Our Extensive Help Center

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